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Volunteers Needed. Please call the Chapter Office at 210-228-9955.

The Alamo Chapter programs a wide variety of social functions throughout the year including monthly luncheons/membership meetings, an annual picnic and dinner dances. Chapter members also participate in Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs at Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery, patient visitation at Audie Murphy VA hospital and at Retiree Day events. The chapter supports local junior and senior ROTC programs and conducts a scholarship program for dependents of active and retired military members

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Benfits of Membership

Our monthly newsletter, the Lariat which includes a calendar of events, is sent to each member, and includes both MOAA and Alamo Chapter news. Stay informed!

Monthly luncheons, which rotate between the Randolph, Fort Sam Houston, and Lackland service clubs, feature informative speakers and are also open to guests.

Benefit information of all kinds is provided through the Alamo Chapter. We have an experienced Vice President of Personal Affairs who can give quick answers to your and family members' questions, or who can research the more complex issues.

The opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of meeting fellow chapter members and their guests. We also plan for various social events, open to families and guests. In addition, our chapter features a singles group called the Solitaires, some of who are surviving spouses. The Solitaires have a busy social calendar.

Automatic enrollment in MOAA national for one year, which includes the MOAA magazine, the Military Officer.

Make your voice heard on proposed state and national military legislation which may affect you and your family. Both the Alamo Chapter and MOAA national welcome your views!

Enjoy many benefits, discounts, and services, to include career planning. The Alamo Chapter also provides college scholarships to those who qualify. MOAA Travel helps you plan that great getaway, and is available for members.